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6 Ways Moms can Take Care of Themselves

Dec 14, 2015 3:15:33 PM | by KF Carlson

We hear it all them all the time, phrases like: "mom sets the tone!" or "if mama ain't happy, no body's happy." As a mama myself, I can assure that no matter how many times you hear this phrases, they will never stop being accurate. If I'm in a bad mood, everyday struggles of childrearing feel significantly harder. Upon fully accepting the validity of these phrases, I decided to make some simple adjustments to my life and schedule to maintain the best attitude toward my responsibilities as a stay home mother. I've outlined them for you here. I hope you can implement some of these into your day, and find some joy throughout your days.

Wake up before your children.

Now, I'm an early bird and I realize most people are not. However, I can promise you this one simple thing of getting at least 10 minutes before your children can be revolutionary to mothering game. I advise you to use this time to chat with the Lord, read some favorite scriptures, or write in a gratitude journal. Do something you enjoy and that will be uplifting to you. Fill up your cup before starting the day of filling up everyone else's around you!

Be thankful, girl.

It is so, unbelievably easy to get frustrated and take for granted the little mess makers, chronic ragers, and habitual whiners we have been tasked with raising. However, if we can train ourselves to seek opporunities to have a more grateful heart. We can improve our family's momentum significantly. Carve out five minutes or do it mentally while doing a mundane task, but in those moments count your blessings!

Crank up the music!

Feeling meh? Turn on an uplifting song!! Dance with your kiddos and relax!!

Do something you enjoy!  

Carve out time for yourself. Have a favorite hobbby? Do that. Like to read? Read for twenty minutes during nap before tackling all that laundry! Plan to meet up with a few friends for dinner twice a month. Whatever your "thing" is, make it a priority! It doesn't need to be expense or time consuming, just remembering you are a priority in your household can be so uplifting.

Move those buns!

Exercise! Go for a walk, take up a new class with a friend, or rent a DVD from the library. I am suggesting this, because a little endorphin boost will give you so much more energy!

Lastly, and hopefully it goes without saying, pray over your children.

Pray for and with them always. Pray for your husband, pray for and with him always. Pray for yourself. Pray for grace, patience, and a couple more hours of sleep. Ask the Lord to guide you as you raise your beautiful children, and encourage you as a wife.

Mamas reading this, I know you're amazing mothers. You probably googled this, because you were feeling weary today. I am here to tell you, you're doing a wonderful job. I am praying for you always.