Your Family's 2016 New Year's Resolution

Dec 31, 2015 9:45:44 AM | by Aimee Cottle



Make 2016 your family's best year yet! 

We’re all busy, right? Life moves fast and there is always something to be done. But, often the faster time moves, the less we find ourselves spending quality time with our families.

What if we began to intentionally spend quality time with our loved ones each and every day - even in the midst of busy schedules?

Is it possible? To find quality time with our kids? Our spouses? Our siblings?

What if, this year, instead of giving up chocolate or soda, or vowing to exercise 30 minutes three times a week, you gave up struggling to build family unity while running in 100 different directions and took the time to implement some simple ways to intentionally build quality family time into your year … day by day.

Our Family New Year's Resolution Guide was created with this purpose in mind: to help you consistently carve out time for service, celebration and adventure with your family. This guide will give you helpful examples, space to brainstorm and specific places for your family to write down your plans for this coming year. 

Family is so important. Resolve to spend more time serving together, celebrating each other and creating unforgettable adventures! 

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